My name is Mόmchill George. I am the owner of Dalilah Hair Salon in Toronto.

Dalilah Hair Salon was originally founded in early 1935 by my grandfather. I have grown learning and participating in the family business and I have become a third generation hairdresser. After years of working and learning everything about the hairdressing business and took my credentials in Europe,France, I decided to take more challenges, opportunities and expend my skills in Canada.  Over the past 5 years I have worked and exchanged ideas with the hairdressers in Toronto. Now I have over 15 years of international experience and many satisfied customers.

I am more then pleased to welcome you to New "Dalilah Hair Salon". It is more then a place to cut your hair. It will be wonderful experience, from the confortable atmosphere, friendly faces, quality services and products for you and your family. We will make you feel like one of the family and look amazing too!

Our goal is delivering high standards and professionalism reaching every client satisfaction.

Yours truly,

Mόmchill George

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